Blossom Pure Pigment Direct Hair Colour  

7 shades, endless possibilities

Blossom is a semi-permanent direct colour that comes is seven vivid rainbow shades and lasts between 3-20 washes depending on the intensity chosen, when used over pre-lightened (level 9-11) hair produce beautiful amplified fantasy colours, fit for the most mystical unicorn! While on mid toned (level 7-8) natural hair will produce a more muted colour. Dial down the intensity with the clear tone regulator and create mid tones and soft pastels. 

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green blossom vivid hair colour
Hair by Kauan Maia Itely Brazil

Keep it pure for long lasting results 

Use straight from the tube for the most intense and pigmented vibrant shades. This will create a colour that will last the longest time with no dilution. Up to 20 washes. Used alone as a single shade, colours fade true to tone. For example Violet purple rain fades to a soft lilac. Mermiad Green will fade from a dark green to a minty green. 

Free from Parabens, Ammonia free, No animal testing, No Phthalates

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Pastelise – Get the look 

Pre-lighten hair using Delyton Lightener and Silky Blonde Lightener, Until a level 9 blonde. Use Blossom Fuchsia cotton candy and clear. Use 50% clear and 50% Fuchsia at the root. Use 60% clear and 30% Fuchsia. Take sections and alternate different pale pink tones to create this peach and pink look. 

Mix it up – Get the look 

Pre-lighten with Silky Blonde. We recommend 20vol and apply twice without removing the first application on a level four on above. Once hair is lightned to desired level, washed and dried, use 5ml of Blossom Blue lagoon, 50ml clear and 25ml of Violet Purple rain.  

Get the rainbow undercolour

Pre-lighten hair to a level 10. Section hair and colour the sections with each shade of blossom. Being sure to keep the sections seperated. 

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Dial It Down with Blossom Clear 

Start with intense cerise pink, straight from the tube, Want a mid-toned candy pink? mix 50/50 with clear or a light pastel pink mix 25% Fuschia Cotton Candy with clear. This allows you to create multiple tones from just one tube.

Real Results, Swatches Using Blossom 

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