Nikki from Blonde to Bring it on!

Nikki had classic highlighted blonde hair. In fact so highlighted that there was little contrast between tones. Her long hair could be styled and look fabulous for a night out but it was at the point that it took a lot of effort to get it to have body, bounce and shine. However blonde did suit Nikki, it wasn’t worth changing her colour completely because it’s likely she would revert back to the blonde in time. Our celebrity inspiration theme for this style was expensive blondes.

Think,  Jennifer Anniston who always looks current by making subtle changes with colour placement and cut, Amanda Holden and Olivia Palermo when she is more blond than brunette. All of them opting for the blunt and versatile “Lob”

We gave Nikki two trends for 2015 a long bob or “lob” as it’s been coined and mixture of tones dark blondes to the palest to give her hair depth. She went from looking like a little lost girl to the feisty career girl that Nikki actually is.

As Nikki is in her 20’s and has no grey we used our Quasi colour range Delyton Advanced and Blondly bleaching cream.

Antonio foiled Nikki’s hair using the piggy back method with diagonal foils. Using colours 8dr, 8dm and 4cf from the Delyton range and used blondly bleaching cream to lighten the front section.

The Synergicare Immediate repair system was used throughout to protect and condition the hair.

Nikki’s Hair before

Antonio proceeded to colour Nikki’s hair with Delyton Advanced in 8dr, 8dm and 4cf in diagonal foils. Blondly bleaching cream was used to lift the front section.

Nikki's Hair in foils with Delyton
Nikki’s Hair in foils with Delyton Advanced
nikkis hair being cut at prohair 15
Long bob. Styled and graduated longer at the front
Chipping into the baseline of the cut
Chipping into the hair to create soft movement and light texture
Delyton permanent hair colour after straight hair blonde
Delyton permanent hair colour after straight hair blonde, hair was finished using Purity hairspray.
Nikki the second day of Prohair Live 2015 with her hair curled
Nikki the second day of Prohair Live 2015 with her hair curled

Sometimes hairstyling is just about improving and updating the style that is already there and making small changes. As always the cut and colour must work in harmony. This is a commercial look that I am certain you’ll be asked for in your salons. And a beautiful way to create a fresh and sophisticated blonde look to suit a variety of clients.

With thanks to Stylist Antonio Martorelli