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A new formulation hair colour cream with the ACP Complex® UV filters and antioxidising ingredients to combat free radicals, protects, strengthens and extend colour balance, longevity and intensity of the colour both during and after the technical service. The new generation pure pigments used in this formula, ensure total grey coverage at any level with perfect accuracy of tone.

Tube size 60ml £5.75 per Tube 

Check out new colorly optimus
colorly 2020 permanent hair colour

Permanent Light Reflecting Colours 

24 families of colours (120 colours in total)

With 100% grey coverage

(N) Natural, (NI) Intense Natural with a even more pigment pigment to deliver cover the most resistant grey hair, (TN) natural with added warm tones, (CH) rich chocolate browns, (CP) Chilli Pepper red added to a rich chocolate base, icy blondes in our Arctic (A) collection, flame reds and cool violets.  The I and K ranges  are our matt and smoky colours which beautifully counteract warm tones and create the latest trend for ash, grey and silvers. There are also four accent ,  blue, red, clear and yellow tones for even more customisation and colour correction. 

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NEW Pearl Shades 

Shine a new light on blonde hair with the 7 illuminating,  colour cancelling shades. The collection has an innovative violet and pink chromatic base that neutralises yellow tones, resulting in a clean blonde result. The new pigment technology creates an iridescent luster on the hair and glimmers with a slight hue. A hint of pink or violet, just like a pearl.

Blonde hair remains bright and light without any opacity that comes with using ash shades to cover yellow in the hair. This is a revolution is pigment technology.  

Blonde Pearl Gold, Pearl Ash, Blonde Violet shades 

Colorly 2020 Blonde Pearl Shades

Long Lasting Vibrant Reds 

New Ultra Reds, a deeply intense rich red formula, for even more brightness add the red booster. 

8U/R Copper Light Blonde, 7U/RF Fire Red Blonde, 7U/RU Ruby Red blonde 7U/RV Ruby red blonde,  6U/V Violet dark blonde,  R3D Red Booster. 

Cool it Down with Colorly 2020 Matt and Smoky 

Take out warmth and cool it down with our Matt and Smoky series, designed to create cool blondes and ash brunette colours. They will tone down hair that is prone to throw off red, yellow and gold tones. The shades come in matt effect or transulent tones to mix texture and create youthful edgy looks. There are 11 shades in the I and K families. 

Hair is protected, enhanced and the condition improved thanks to the precious ingredients contained within the colour. The hair feels nourished, hydrated and soft.

ACP Complex®: ultra protective molecule that guarantees a major long lasting color, leaving it more intense and shiny. ACP Complex® removes damaging chemical agents protecting the hair from free radicals, contrasts color fade and maintains the hair healthy and body. ACP Complex® comprehends: Melanin, Wasabia, Helianthus Annuus and Peroxide dismutase (SOD).

Melanin: combats the oxidative action of free radicals playing a fundamental role in this protection system; it’s a biochemical component necessary to give colour to the hair.

Wasabia Japonica Root Ferment Extract: extract contained in the ACP Complex® from which root we obtain Peroxidase. This plant has strong antimicrobial compounds (oxidoreductase, isocyanates, glucosinolates, glucosinates), which are able to neutralise free radicals.

Bisabolol: extracted from the chamomile flower, it’s very effective at soothing the scalp with anti-inflammatory properties..

Wheat Germ Oil: it’s a natural anti-oxidant and contains Vitamin E one of the most effective anti-oxidants against free radicals, that proliferate by the effect of solar rays action. It is a highly effective moisturiser.

Helianthus Annuus (Heliogenol): sunflower seeds extract that performs an anti-radical, protective action on the colour. It’s rich in emollient substances that maintain the hair soft and silky. It protects the hair from UV rays and repairs capillary structure.

Vitamins: substances function as antioxidants to augment and maintain hair strength, softness and hydration.

Silk Hydrolyzed Proteins: silk is one of the few fibres produced in nature under form of filament from Bombyx mori (silkworm). Experimental tests demonstrated a protective and hydrating effect, thanks to its affinity to hydrophobic proteins as hair keratin. Silk Hydrolyzed Proteins delicately act on the hair giving it an enviable softness.

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Mixing and Developing

For best results alway use Oxily Developer. Use a ratio of 1 part colour to 1 part Oxily emulsion, available in 10,20,30,40 volumes. Oxily contains ACP Complex® to work in harmony with Colorly 2020.