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Perfectly sleek, manageable hair can be yours at last!

Synergicare Instant smoothing range is specifically designed to tackle the causes of frizz. Whether hair is a natural course and curly texture prone to frizz, has become frizzy due to external damage or both. 

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About Synergicare instant smooth

Frizz Factors

Dehydration caused by weather conditions, humidity and exposure to UV rays. Excessive use of straighteners and hairdrying. Which can become a vicious cycle when dealing with frizz. Overuse of chemical shampoos and styling products

The end result can mean that hair lacks Luminocity and is difficult to style but with Instant Smooth, hair looks and feels visibly different after a single application. crystal shine and weightless feel. 

There are four steps to get maximum effect. Shampoo, mask, instant smooth serum treatment (professional use) no more frizz solution (home use) and finish with humidity stopper to keep hair frizz free. As with all Synergicare lines Instant Smooth is sulphate and paraben free but also Vegan.

Synergicare Instant smooth Products

Instant smooth Serum

Instant Smooth serum (in Salon) No More Frizz (retail)

The effect that this products gives frizz prone hair will simply “Wow!”.

This is a thermo heat activated product, which protects the hair from adverse heat and gives an incredibly smooth finish .  There are two formulations one for the salon and one for home use. Apply to damp hair after using Instant smooth mask, blow-dry hair and repeat application on dry hair.  Finish using flat irons to activate and watch as the hair smooth in front of your eyes! The effect is amazing and addictive, something your customers will want more of! Add this service to your blow-dry menu.

Smoothing Shampoo

This will remove any build up of products that lie in the hair shaft, but with no harsh side effects. Prepares hair for absorption of supplementary treatment from masks and oils.  

Ingredients: Vegan Kerazyme, Orchid milk, Phyto protein, biopolymer TC

Instant Smooth Mask

Instant smooth is an extremely moisturising and nourishing Mask The ingredients are acid born, electronically charged and natural, which means they will be absorbed into hair due to being ph balanced. It can also be used as often as required and will not build up on the hair.  hair feels light, sleek and glossy.  A Luxurious and pampering treat at home or in the salon. Apply to cleansed and towel dried hair, massage evenly and wrap hair in a towel, leave for 5-10 minutes so that the product can absorb and rinse with warm water.

Key Ingredients : Argan oil, Biopolymer, orchid milk, Trimethylglycine, hydrolyzed wheat protein

Humidity stopper

How did you live without it! Stop humidity from ruining your handy-work. This product finishes your style, tames frizz and protects  hair from the elements. Water solueable with no build up on the hair.  The natural alcohol in the product evaporates to produce a high shine, while coconut and argan oil smooth and nourish.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Alcohol Denat, Biopolymer TC, Tiare Flower

Smoothing Ingredients 101

VEGAN KERAZYME : This exclusive active ingredient is a mixture of phyto proteins and laccase, a mineral enzyme that once activated by the heat of flat irons creates strong crossed bonds between hair keratin and the phyto protein ingredients. The taut network of protein bonds that results gives the hair strength and improved flexibility. After flat ironing, the hair remains perfectly straight between washes.

ORCHID MILK: Derived from pressed flowers, orchid milk is a natural mixture of carbohydrates and proteins that provide nourishment and hydration to hair.This natural plant extract

ARGAN OIL : Argan oil A precious oil extracted from the kernels of the fruit of the Argania Spinosa tree. Argan oil is especially well suited to treat dry and unmanageable hair, restoring elasticity and delivering protection and shine.

BIOPOLYMER TC : is an innovative ingredient derived from the reaction of polymers with Monoi oil. Monoi oil, a precious ingredient made from soaking the flowers of Tiaré in coconut oil, has unique nourishing, conditioning and protective properties which provides shine and smoothness to hair. With its great performance, Biopolymer TC coats and relaxes the hair, protects it from humidity and leaves hair absolutely straight and glossy.

TRIMETHYLGLYCINE: A molecular part of the hair structure that provides and considerably increases hydration, conditioning and brilliancy. Reinforces the hair fiber and prevents impairment by boosting its elasticity. Lab tests have demonstrated that hair treated with TMG appears stronger, silkier and easier to comb.

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