Colour Education and Virtual Zoom Classes 

Did you know when you are an IT&LY colour user we provide free education whether you are new to the range, freelancer or a salon owner . If you are a salon owner, with a team we can arrange for practical application courses and demonstrations in the salon. If you are a freelancer we provide education via venues in the UK and our wholesale partner network. For theory education, product knowledge and new product launches we provide virtual training via Zoom.

Please pop back to this page from time to time to see which courses we have available and level up your colour knowledge! All classes are bookable via the form at end of this page. 

Please note this is the training page for the U.K, you can join if you are based elsewhere but please note the timezone might not work for you. 


Neutralising Unwanted tones and creating Ash Shades. 

Monday April 8th 10am

Everyone’s new favourite range the Intense Ash CC series. Use to create silvers, transition grey clients and create ash brunettes. Where does this range sit on the colour wheel and when should you reach for the CC shade? Or would K, I or C or new NF or CV give you the result you want? Find out the differences and get perfect cool tones.


Advanced Colour knowledge + Colour correction 

Monday April 8th 12.30pm

Taking from all the It&ly Hair fashion colour lines and supporting products, we will delve into advanced colour theory and look at some typical salon scenarios to help you develop your own formulas and create looks that are on trend. 


Scalp Bleaching + Blonde Toning

Monday May 20th 12.30PM

Looking at the lighteners in the IT&LY Hair Fashion Oh My Blonde range and the toning options in Oh My Blonde, Aquarely and Riflessi. How to Scalp bleach safely and the best options to tone various depths. 

Delyton advanced

The advantages of a Demi PeRmanent

Delyton Advanced is a demi permanent tone on tone colour that becomes more permanent depending on the development time. It can be used on compromised hair, to tone, glaze, as a natural colour for gents, after a perm, at the backwash on wet hair, for root stretches and reverse balayages. Our senior educator will show you how versatile Delyton Advanced is and get the most for the range.


Colorly Optimus – OPtimal colour performance. 

Could Colorly really get better? Yes and in fact Optimal. It’s time to present Colorly Optimus. Hair colour optimised across the board for both Hair Stylist and client, colour result and condition. New pigments, radically reduced ammonia, new fragrance, new shades and e-plex enriched. This is a revolution in colour performance! Find out how to take your colour business to another level. In fact Optimise it! Learn about this brand new range that could help you achieve a stand out business in your location. 


Colour Cocktails with Riflessi and Blossom

This session combines our best loved direct colour ranges. Riflessi Colour masks a hero product that can be used as a mask, to pre-pigment and as a retail product to refresh colour. Then Blossom vivids which has 7 shades that can be used alone, pastelised and mixed to create exciting bold looks. However the two ranges can be mixed and played with in this session we will talk you through how to get the best from both ranges and cocktail them to make your own unique colours.  

Oh My Blonde

Bleach Specialist with Oh My Blonde

OMB! Are you ready to become a bleach specialist? Our Oh My Blonde lightening range has 5 different lighteners and a toner range to create the most beautiful blondes, easily and safely. You’ll learn about the range and our educator will talk you through various user cases. When to choose which lightener and blonde and fashion toner formulas.


NEW Users + Refresher

95 shades of brilliant colour options but which shade to reach for and when? 100ml permanent formula that is both luxurious, innovative, sustainable yet econonical! Yes you can have it all! Learn how the range can fit into your business and how to achieve the results for you clients. Get perfect grey coverage, neutralise warm tones and create beautiful icy blondes. Salon owner or Freelancer, master the fundamentals to unlock creative freedom.