Synergicare Perfect Curls

Perfectly Defined, Gorgeous Glossy Curls 

Revel, delight and embrace your curls. Perfect curls part of the SynergiCare range is all about the two main curl factors that curly girls love! Definition and bounce. Designed to be weightless, moisture boosting and frizz-busting. Soft, springy curls that are……well….Just perfect!

Whether you want to enhance and take care of the natural texture or your hair is permed, perfect curls will improve shine and elasticity.   

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About Synergicare Perfect Curls

Curly Hair model

Frizz Factors

Curly hair can be naturally dry and porous the structure lends itself to be frizzy and difficult to tame. Unruly hair can be affected by products that dry hair further or harsh products that coat and build up on the hair and weigh it down. It’s easy for curly girls to be in a constant loop of trying to moisturise, not weigh down the hair and also find products that are good for the hair. 

The Perfect Curl addresses these issues, with the Synergicare Spa science meets technology approach. Natural ingredients that nourish the hair. Sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner and a curl defining styling milk to use before drying hair.   

Perfect Curl Products

Curl Perfection Shampoo 

SLES free shampoo for naturally curly or permed hair. Smooth waves, controls curls. It enhances, moisturises, adds bounce to curls and tames frizz. With every wash hair becomes softer and more manageable.

Curl Perfection Conditioner

A nourishing mask which defi nes and enhances curls, fi ghts frizz and revitalises curls leaving them shiny and well defined. It detangles and softens hair efficiently without weighing it down.Apply to cleansed and towel dried hair, massage evenly and wrap hair in a towel, leave for 5-10 minutes so that the product can absorb and rinse with warm water.

Key Ingredients : Rice Complex, Purisilk (Morenga oil) , Glycerine and smartstyle memory technology. 

Curl Perfection Fluid

Special non-rinse detangling and anti-frizz fl uid for curly hair. Thanks to the exclusive memory effect curls are durably defined and shiny, without being weighed down. The result: natural-looking curls with defi nition, shape, control and bounce.

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Caring CurlIng Ingredients 101

Special compound designed to provide protection and optimise curly hair integrity while strengthening the curl’s shape. The formula contains a unique blend of ingredients that work together to improve and protect hair. This compound has demonstrated 12% improved curls in efficiency studies and can also be used
to condition, moisturise and protect curly hair.

Styling and conditioning in one ingredient. The benefits are significant: it adds elasticity and hold; defines curls; makes hair softer and easier to comb; helps to fi ght frizz; helps to repair damaged hair.

Thanks to the Moringa seed micro-protein, Purisilk™provides good hair protection against external stress and improves makes curls  more resistant and hold their shape with optimal volume. Purisilk™ gives hair elasticity and spring which helps create well defined curls. 

Vegetable glycerine has a deep humectant effect. It keeps hair moisturised from the root to tip; it strengthens the effects of anti-tangle conditioner plus moisturises those parts of the hair shaft that frizz or become opaque when dry. Curls are more defined, elastic, softer and moisturised.

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