Synergicare Immediate Repair

About the range

Each Synergicare range focuses on problem solving; Immediate repair reconstructs and fortifies week, damaged and stressed hair from the cortex. Including hair that is either seceptable to breakage and split ends. This range gives those clients back their hair elasticity straight away. Hair become weakened for a few reasons, most commonly through over processing but also UV damage, illness or hormonal issues. 

Repair builds the hair from the inside. changing the texture from roughened and lack lustre to strong and healthy. Creating an even canvas for which to perform colour services, that may not have been possible before.

The range contains deep care shampoo, intensive care mask and multi active serum. With large salon sizes and smaller retail sizes to be used by your clients to continue the repair benefits at home.

Thermo Care Drops and Ultimate Sealer are for professional use in the salon. As a stylist you can diagnose whether this treatment is right for your client. If hair is not damaged and porous but has the opposite problem that has too much protein and is brittle use Splendor Oil from the  Color Xtend range to improve condition and flexibility. 

Products in the range

Deep Care Shampoo

Special Restructuring shampoo with innovative sulphate free formula, phyto keramix and wheat proteins-based blend to revitalise fragile and particularly damaged hair. 

Intensive Care mask (Conditioner)

Restructuring mask specifically formulated for severely damaged hair. The exclusive Phyto Keramix Wheat proteins and ceramides forms a protective layer around the hair. The controlled acid ph ensures the closure of cuticles, providing a healthier look. Hair will recover it’s brightness, softness and fullness. 

Multiactive Serum (treatment and styling product)

Use as little or often as you like on wet or dry hair to style.  Multiactive serum protects hair and prevents split ends. Hair is smoother, full bodied and bouncy. 


Thermo Care drops and Ultimate Sealer

Restructuring Fluid, penetrates deep into cortex to restore the hair fibres. Finding its own level of repair based on needs of individuals. feeding the hair and restoring elasticity and strength. The treatment is then finished with Ultimate sealer which seals in the product and puts a light film around the hair shaft. Lasting for up to six washes. For best results and longevity use this ranges shampoo and mask which are sulphate free.  Hair is given a new lease of life! 

Ingredients 101

Ceramides represent the basic constituent for the structure of cells and hair, and their capability of repairing and protecting damaged hair from aggressive processes, pollution and UV rays, Ceramides ensure the best level of moisture to the hair structure, with the result of stronger and resistant hair.

VITAMIN E: It helps protect the structure of the hair, fighting the attacks that hair undertakes daily (aggressive chemical treatments, pollution, UV rays). The result is a healthier and brighter look.

PHYTO KERAMIX: Unique blend of hydrolyzed proteins from wheat, corn and soy that creates crossed links amid phytokeratins and hair keratin, building an armored reinforced structure.

WHEAT PROTEINS: Hydrolysed wheat proteins are well recognized for their strengthening and conditioning properties, providing protection to scalp and hair fibres, and softness and silkiness to hair.Also, they have efficient reinforcing and antioxidant properties, restraining the development of free radicals.

Substances that even in very small quantities are essential for the correct physiological functioning. Restoring these elements through cosmetic treatments that contain them helps keep a good structure and the correct level of hydration of the hair. The hair will look vigorous and glossy.

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