Light + Passion

Ammonia free permanent toner

Light + passion is a permanent toning system which is ammonia free. Designed to add tones to pre-lightened and bleached hair. Create fabulous vibrant fashion effects or more subtle hues with eight great shades.  Easy to use and inter-mixable to give long lasting and unlimited tonal results. Choose full head coverage, colour slices or use with foils.

These tones over bleached hair can create the most beautiful pastel shades. For example play with different ratios of violet and Platinum to create purples and pinks from bright to palest rose quartz. Or use intense red, copper and sand to create rose gold. 

Light and Passion can be used to refresh or boost colour between salon visits.Our stylists been having great fun with Light+Passion, check out some of the work in our facebook album 

Check out the facebook album

8 Incredible Colours

  • Golden Blonde, Sand Blonde, Platinum Blonde timeless, feminine, refined colours
  • Intense Red and Intense Copper – warm and sensual. Simply irresistible.
  • Violetbold and vibrant
  • Coffee and Cappuccinosophisticated effects of light and shadow

Gorgeous Nourishing Ingredients

Cocoa Butter:- Hydrates the hair and balances the natural moisture, keeping the hair soft and silky.

Palm Oil:- Makes the hair feel soft, shiny and adds body.

Linalool:- Is a flower extract which is rich in vitamin E, having the benefits of being an antioxidant to neutralise free radicals.

Fatty Acids:- An emulsifying agent which is kind and calming to skin and hair.

Ascorbic Acid:- A natural organic compound rich in vitamin C, which promotes hydration and moisture.

Application and Development time

  • Apply to dry hair. Mixing ratio: 1 part colour to 2 part developer IT&LY 10vol or Delyton activator.
  • Blonds: 5-10 mins (the tones will be more intense if left longer).
  • Reds and Chocolates: up to 20 mins.
  • No need for heat during development time.
  • Ideal to use over darker depths to add reflection tones

Light+passion will not

  • Lift virgin hair,
  • Cut through tint
  • Cover Grey.