Designed for every colouring service in your portfolio. High performance permanent colour for the demands of the modern client and profitable colour business.

£6.25 +vat 100ml tube permanent colour, mixes 1-1½, 100% grey coverage. 

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118 shades. Explore rich chocolates, spicy coppers and vibrant reds

Aquarely (Acquerello) is Italian for water colour; this technique of painting known for its freedom, vibrancy and ease of use. IT&LY have produced an extensive spectrum of permanent hair colour with stories of chic beige, fiery reds, rich chocolates and cool ash colours. While accent additions provide expert correction, customisation and control. Limited only by your imagination!

100% Grey Coverage 

Natural tones – Grey what grey? Even with 100% grey you can achieve fuss free full coverage. For added insurance use the intense range of natural shades (NI). Easily adjust your formula with the reflex tone and background shade you desire.

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Aquarely hair colour and developer

100ml Tube Aquarely hair colour

and stabalised 1000ml developer

Plant powered - feel good formulation

Set your business apart with a colour so nourishing clients can’t help but comment. How does it look? but how does it feel? 

Clients want the wow factor with their colour but, now expect their hair to feel strengthened and healthy. 

Intense Micro-Pigments (IMP), Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins and Cocomide base

Aquarely colour starts with a nourishing coconut oil derived base. Micro-emulsified nano-pigments are able to penetrate deep into the keratin cavities (anti-fade) and bind to the hair fibres. Only a partial opening of the cuticle layer is needed to seal in the colour. This innovation means we are able to create a very low ammonia product, which puts less stress on the hair and keeps it feeling smooth. Wheat Proteins provide a conditioning and restructuring action, leaving hair soft and silky.

Aquarely Stabalised Developer

Mix Aquarely (IMP) with Aquarely creamy oxidant emulsion which has a stabilized pH. Wheat Proteins increase the effectiveness, defending hair integrity. Available in 10, 20, 30, 40 volumes

Aquarely hair colour and developer

100ml Tube Aquarely hair colour

and stabalised 1000ml developer

Aquarely hair colour and developer

100ml Tube Aquarely hair colour

and stabalised 1000ml developer

Intense ASH Series

Intense ASh - silver and grey shades

Let’s cool it down! The Intense Ash series

Let’s Cool It down with Intense Ash 

The Intense Ash colour series combats orange tones with cool toned pigments and allows you to create ash tones and silvers in even the warmest of hair colours. Cool toned brunettes are a massive trend and Aquarely Intense Ash makes it easy. 

  • Either neutralise orange tones in lightened or natural hair for natural balanced brunettes.
  • Create ash shades on a natural brunette base, mushroom brown tones. 
  • On light blondes or white hair create edgey silver and grey looks.
  • Elegantly transition clients wishing to embrace their natural greys. 
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Blondes mean business

The perfect blonde tone is the one your client asked for

From warm buttery and caramel blondes to the lightest platinum Aquarely gets your client that expensive clean blonde they desire. 

Blondes that can be adjusted to that perfect tone every time. The SS (Super Schiarenti) range of seven high lift colours are perfect to lighten and colour up to 5 levels. Shades include super light silver, super light ash, super light beige, super light honey, super light gold, super light natural and super light copper. Use as all over colour or in foils as part of your highlighting services.

Use 9NI to get a very natural grey coverage for blonde clients. While the Artic range is perfect to achieve cool tones fit for an ice queen. 

Oh My Blonde lighteners
Aquarely blonde shades

Create delicate sophisticated blondes 

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