How-to, Blue Steel Hair Colour

The new trend for grey hair and “murky” or grungy pastels is not a look that is likely to become a staple of your salon. However more popular than you’d imagine and it’s all in the interpretation. Make it pretty or edgy and use in slices to punctuate darker tones. Learn it and play with it. We look forward to seeing what you do.

This how-to will help you achieve a grey steel colour and also a variation of that trend, blue steel. Again a similar colour was sported by model of the moment Jourdan Dunn at the recent Coachella Festival in California 2015.

Jourdan Dunn pictures from instagram

Here is a before of Allyson’s model Phoebe.

Phoebe before picture by Steve Clewlow

Stage 1

The absolute key to achieving the best results for steel grey hair is a light base. Allyson used Oxily 20/20 bleaching powder ( 20vol oxily developer) to take the hair to an even platinum blond.


Stage 2 The hair was coloured all over using shade 8C from the Aquarely range with a small amount of AB.

Stage 3 The hair was sectioned in a zig-zag

Stage 4 Shades 8C 30ml was mixed with 15ml accent colour AV was applied to the bottom section


Stage 5 Shades 11AP 25ml and 2oml accent colour AB was used to colour the top section.

Aquarely colours used on the shade chart
blue hair
Vibrant blue hair before it is washed.

Once the colour has developed after 40 minutes, the effect is a vibrant blue and purple tone. However this will wash to a the smokey blue/grey tone.

Final results

itely-aquarely-hair-colour-8c-ab-av v2
Final result blue steel hair by Allyson Clewlow.