Copper – Look At the New Red hair Trend for 2022

The trend for copper and red hair comes around once in a while and although touted as a surpise trend. It isn’t wholely unexpected. The red haired girl is likely to be the only one at the party and some women just love that. So why is red hair the key hair trend of 2022?

In 1996 I was 19 and in the charts was a song called Ready To Go by Republica. It’s a high octane song that has (and still is) been used in numerous adverts and was very much the bands top hit (okay they also had drop dead gorgeous but well it’s not the one people remember). I wasn’t so taken with the song, what I was more taken with is Saffron the lead singer’s red prominent bright red streak of hair that was at the time down one side of the singers razor sharp dark bob. That streak has moved about over the years but it is her signature look.

In the summer before my second year at fashion college I took it upon myself to copy the red streak in the long fringe of my very 90s “Indy Kid” pixie cut. I felt rebellious and arty and was looking forward to the reaction of my Uni friends who lived all over the world in summer and I hadn’t seen for some weeks. I have always been somewhat into being different and having unusual things. To my utter annoyance when I looked around the lecture theatre that morning I spotted 4 of my cohort sporting bright red streaks in their hair (various placements but not dissimilar) . I was on trend, “fashion pack if you like” a bit out there but not too weird. And for a certain set of people of which I was clearly one, very much up their street. However I wasn’t at Fashion College to fit in! I was there for very much the opposite in my mind to stand out! And just for extra delicious dollop of irony the lecture we were attending focused on trend prediction. The tutor was gracious enough not to use us as a live case study.

Red hair model with italy colorly optimus
New Colorly Optimus Red 7RT

Of course we could of decided that summer our girl crush was Saffron from Republica but in reality trends don’t just pop up, they usually occur when several forces align to create them. Those factors can be economic, the catwalk, social media, a certain celebrity, music, subculture or an opposite reaction to a fashion that is on the wane and many other factors.  Information travels faster these days and trend cycles likewise and so there are various red trend forces at play.

Red hair seems to be the Colour of 2022. Red is the colour that is rarest naturally (only about 1% of the worlds population) and therefore will always seem unusual. The new way to wear red is subtle, rich and expensive. The world sat up and paid attention with Kendall Jenner ( aka the model Kardashian) opting for a shade between chestnut and copper. It just looked immediately fresh, an antidote to ash and “cheugy blondes” It feels youthful and juxtaposed against the ever so expected balayages we are used to seeing and work so hard at.

Zendaya actress of the moment has opted for a subtle red hue, a believable red. Once again different without being “out there” One of the models for our campaign for the new Colorly Optimus is perfect example of this beautiful red with the new 7RT. Red is having it’s moment and actually it might be hair industry driving that change. As much as we like to flex our foiliage muscles, it’s nice to have a break sometimes.

Aquarely red colour formulas from Arcana Studios London Left 7T/8T Aquarely .
Right 8AD/8U/R on a pre-lightened base

The recent revolt of some stylists and their clients who were bored of the blend and balayage and instead want bold highlights and intentional looking 90s colour. Gen Z-ers that hadn’t experienced it the first time. It is a certain demographic of clients who want different but not the clients who would opt for Blossom shades. Jodi Howard( Jodi Howard Hairdressing, Ellesmore Port), Say “ It’s mainly the younger clients coming to me for copper at the moment”.   Think a nod to Gerry ginger spice and her blonde money piece with her famous ginger locks. Of course Gerry Horner as she is now, with her Formula 1 boss husband and crisp white shirts and pearls, is very much a catwalk red now a la Kendall Jenner’s expensive shade.

Copper red hair colour formula trends for 2022
left @erin_prept Erin Parket at Prept Salon Salon Stockport 7R 8T.
Centre Caitlin @L’Perfection Lanarkshire Colorly Optimus 8RT.
Right @_almondhair Hannah Almond, The Dolls House Milton Keynes Aquarely 7A/8AD and 8T

L’perfection In Lanarkshire have already been experimenting with the new Colorly Optimus shades and have found that the pigment does not lie! The shine from the new Mediterranean blend and &-plex formulation can clearly be seen here as the light bounces beautifully from the healthy copper locks. 

Reds are a dichotomy. On the one hand they are hard to remove but when you want to keep them fresh they have a tendency to reveal more fade. The ingredients and pigment formula in Optimus is designed to minimize fade and optimize even coverage and vibrance. Of course retailing Wond-Hair-ful, our sulphate free anti-fade backwash range, just makes sense to help your clients keep their reds vibrant

Red Hair trend of 2022 girls with red hair
Left @Elise_luxury_hair_boutique, Leeds, using 8A Aquarely.
Right @Jodihoward_Hairdressing Ellesmere Port 6T/7T

Troy on Instagram and Arcana Studios in London has produced some beautiful reds recently. He says he has seen some “revenge reds” clients that have gone through break ups and opted to draw a line under that relationship with fresh bright red. Perhaps that ex was not a fan and now is the time to go for a colour to start a fresh. This look was produced with 8AD and 7T

Erin Parker based an Prept Hair in Stockport Used several reds from the Aquarely line to create this look. She is finding that her blonde clients often move back to red tones for the autumn months.

Elise, Queen of the blonde Mega Lift!  – “It’s a nice change to do a red – I love the Aquarely ultra reds. If I pre-lighten my base I always pre-pigment with the Riflessi masks. The copper is amazing! I sometimes cocktail the masks to create the base I want. They create the perfect canvas for the new colour. The shine is unreal and of course gives a beautiful even look to the red. My clients usually purchase Riflessi to keep their colour fresh at home”. If clients want a non-committal way to try red, of course Riflessi is way to create a temporary red and can be cocktailed with Blossom direct colour in Burning Red or Tangerine Orange

If you want to take your reds to the next level, get creative. It’s yet another way to set your business part from the competition. Treat your reds with the same respect you do your blondes. Why not try, copper balayages, root melts between cool and warm tones, pops of brighter reds through a chestnut base to inspire your clients. Upgrade the client with a t-section of foils, the red- devil is in the detail!

Tag us in your looks @italyhairuk we love to see your work and you could be featured in our upcoming trend reviews.